Like the Groundhog

Each year around Groundhog Day, the sun begins to have strength, and the earth starts to waken. Several cultures have names for this time – Candlemas, St Brigid’s, St Blaze’s, Imbolc, and Groundhog Day. Like the Groundhog we all feel it – plants and animals

Most people recognize the times of solstice and equinox. Old cultures also recognize that magic time between – February, May (May Day), August (Assumption, Lughnasa) and Halloween. This is when the change occurs.

The solstice and equinox marks an end point – shortest day, longest day day and night of equal length – before a change. But midway between those markers is where the days lengthen or shorten and I feel the drama of it

The warmth and green will arrive soon

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  1. My little “sundancer” tchotchkes love to click and move in the growing sunlight. Blessed be as we continue the journey.

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