Memorial Service for Ken Keppers


Memorial Service and Celebration for Ken Keppers



When: Sunday, May 20, 2018 at 1 p.m.

Where: D D Kennedy Park Shelter,  1459 Kennedy Mill Ave, Amery, WI 54001

What: Sign guest book, music, readings to remember and celebrate the life of Ken Keppers


Directions: From highway 8 head south on 120th St. for one mile.  Then head west onto 120th Ave for 2.5 miles.  Head south on Kennedy Mill Ave.  The park shelter will be on your right.

A Special Mothers Day

Many years ago, back in the day when men avoided doing any form of house work because it called their manhood into question, my father did help my mom.  But he helped on the sly to avoid being teased by other less secure men.  One year he was at the back door hanging up a dish towel on the line when a thin reedy voice piped from across the street. “Happy Mothers Day, Mr. Gravel!”  …

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Stan and the Crock

Ken was a real do-it-yourself guy.  But even he knew his limitations.  Back in the day people built their own houses rather than having them built.  And they got knowledgeable friends to help with their weaker areas of skill.  Ken was excellent at concrete, wood, sheet rock, etc.  Electrical and plumbing, well he felt less confident.  So he asked Stan to check all his work.   Stan came and checked.  Ken asked what he could …

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Spring Really Is Here!

It was a long winter.  April was an amazing month.  The start had nights in the single digits – unseasonably cold.  The middle had major snow storms of heavy wet snow – sometimes in excess of a foot.  And the end had a day that reached eighty degrees in the nearby Twin Cities of St Paul and Minneapolis.  When the first snow crocus popped open I was glad to see them     Then the …

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