Closed Permanently

Since the potter’s death, Keppers Pottery and Produce is closed – permanently. Remaining pottery is at Dancing Bird in Cumberland. For produce, please support a local farmer.

Remembering Ken

November 15, 1952, sixty-seven years ago, Ken Keppers entered this world Using his many skills, he created his own world of pottery, produce, beekeeping, black smithing, maple sugaring, tending animals, baking, and so much more Twenty-three months ago he left this world. I think of him every day – several times. And I believe I shall always miss him. And feel deep gratitude for the years we did have

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Winter Seems to Be Here Early

Most years we have a frost in September, warm, sunny days in October, and then a grey month of November before winter arrives. This year September was warm and very wet, October cloudy and rainy and now in November we are experiencing typical December or January weather. The geese pull up their feet and sleep in a group. Here is the view out my window after our first snow!

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After the Farmers Market

Although the farmers markets here have ended, I am still gleaning and preserving. These slightly blemished peppers came from a farmer friend. I offered to clean and chop, bag and keep a portion and give back a portion so I could have more than I had bought and frozen over the season. Peppers are marvelous. Ripe bell peppers have vitamin C. They are a joy to chop, and don’t need blanching before freezing. So Saturday …

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