Closed Permanently

Since the potter’s death, Keppers Pottery and Produce is closed – permanently. Remaining pottery is at Dancing Bird in Cumberland. For produce, please support a local farmer.

From Culls to Future Treats

There are always culls on a farm. Ken and I used to gorge ourselves on ripe melons that had a soft spot; they couldn’t go to market or a CSA box. And then my parents sent us an ice cream maker and I tried melon sorbet. It was a hit, so once we had eaten our fill, I cleaned, peeled, seeded and cubed the melons with a soft spot. Once cubed I packed for the …

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The Loop is Back!

After the recent storm, I was so lucky. I had so little damage. One minor inconvenience was an oak had come down across the west side of the driveway loop Young friends helped me so much. They cut and lifted and moved wood off the drive and the loop i once again open! I am so grateful

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Starting the Wood Project – with Help

Let the stacking begin! With deep gratitude toward two young friends who have helped me clear the drive and start cutting the old, dry kiln wood to length, I started stacking by the house The first trailer load is done, and after that dry wood is moved close to the house the empty space where it had been stored will be perfect for the green wood that came down in the storm – close, but …

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