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We sell produce three ways:  CSA, Online Membership and single orders.


  • A CSA subscription gives you a box of food that is available that week.
  • We decide what goes in the box and there are no substitutions.
  • You choose your pickup location when you subscribe.
  • Payment for the season is due when you subscribe.

Online Membership:

  • With an online membership you prepay as much money as you want to spend.
  • Once a week you fill in the online form and order what you want.
  • On pickup date your produce order will be ready when you get here.
  • On lines members take advantage of the ultimate flexibility program.  You choose what and how much you want from our on line form and we harvest, clean and pack for you.  Here is how it works.  Each Thursday, we update our harvest list.  We send an email to you with a link to the form.  You click the link, complete the form by Sunday, hit the submit button and receive a confirmation email.  We receive your order, harvest clean and pack your choices on harvest lettuce tiny cukes sm web 046There are 40 harvest dates each year.

Single orders:

  • We are happy to fill an order for you to pickup when you want
    1. on your way to the lake
    2. on your way through town on vacation
    3. for a special occasion when you are bringing “a little something special”
  • Complete the online order form with your pick up info in the comments section
    • Call or email for pricing and payment options


Philosophy and Practice

Ken grew up gardening with his father and grandfather. After reading Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring in high school Ken was determined to grow food without rescue chemistry.  He joined early groups determining what constituted organic practices.

Ken was fortunate to find land that had never been commercially farmed.  After buying land, Ken carved out a garden and set up camp.  He has built soil here for decades.  He started composting, and continued to attend workshops and conferences on many farming topics.  He has incorporated principles learned in soil improvement, organic, bio–intensive, permaculture, French intensive, Japanese natural farming, and biodynamic agriculture.  He has taught workshops and classes in various settings.

This farm starts with the soil.  Our work has been to build the healthiest soil for nutrient dense food.  We make our compost, promote microbial life with cover crops, green manure crops and mulch, monitor trace minerals and organic matter, and use biodynamic methods and preparations.

  • We only sell what we grow.  It all comes from our farm
  • Harvest is from field to box.  We harvest in the morning, clean, sort and pack the boxes the same day so it is hours from field to your kitchen for maximum quality, flavor, and nutrition.
  • Flexibility makes it convenient and easy.  The “when you want” CSA and our “when and what you want” on line orders offer the ultimate in choice.

Ken died at home December 19, 2017

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