About Us

Ken grew up gardening.  He read Silent Spring and Small is Beautiful in high school, and decided to pursue gardening without chemicals on a small scale.  After receiving a degree in art, he worked, saved money, bought land, carved out a garden space, and built a pottery studio. He prefers human power – a treadle pottery wheel or a hand cultivator.  His focus is on local whether it is materials for pottery or marketing his wares and produce.  Ken died at home December 19, 2017

Judith grew up in New England, and moved to the great Midwest for school.  After receiving a degree in theatre she found jobs in bookkeeping, sales and paralegal work.  She realized she is a do, not delegate type person.  She met Ken folk dancing and traded her small house in the city for this rural life.  Her part of the partnership is in organizing pottery and produce and sales.  She also enjoys time spent in the field picking peas, beans and small fruit.   During winter months she weaves rugs from re-purposed natural fibers.

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