Changes – Back Up Heat

Off peak unit installed and working!

Years (decades?) ago, Ken put wires in the concrete basement floor for in floor heat.  It was wonderful, but like all the wire in floor heat we have heard about, it died mysteriously.  And no one wants to hammer up the concrete.  So last winter after Ken’s death I was completely dependent on wood heat – no back up.

But I started planning and asking around.  I decided off peak electrical heat storage was my answer.  Coils heated during off peak heat bricks.  The unit has a thermostat and fan.  When the temperature falls below the setting on the thermostat, the fan blows warm air – and the pipes in my house won’t freeze!


Next I had to make wall space.  A cooler we had used for produce went to a new home.







And I made suppers for friends to use up frozen food so freezers could be emptied and moved.

Last week the units arrived.  Yesterday they were hooked up.  I am happy and have more freedom!

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