Progress on the Wood Front!

Today I had a great surprise.  A young friend, Ryan was in the area and was ready to help buzz up some of the kiln wood. 




There is a pile of mixed length Ken and I had stacked for the side stoke holes in the pottery kiln.  Ryan jumped up and cut.  I pitched into a trailer.




Once that one was full, Ryan moved it close to where I will stack it. 






Then we filled another trailer, and Ryan moved that one. 


So, then I had two.




I offered Ryan lunch and while I cooked he split the last of the logs on the drive that Roger had cut to length for me.




The tractor wouldn’t start so Ryan took the battery out.






Since I found the charger,  we hooked it up to charge






Tomorrow I will start stacking this wood and see how much more to cut.


Thank you, Ryan!

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