The Kindness of Strangers at Ken’s Death – They Got it

Even in death Ken had what our friend Kevin calls a “teachable moment.”   The deputy sheriff from Polk County came to write up the report.  He was quite amazed at our house, and that Ken had build the thirty foot chimney and wooden circular stairs and bent wood railing.

When he got downstairs he asked about the blue corn in the racks drying.  Then he said, “Wow.  He probably saved seeds and didn’t do those GMO’s.”  I replied, “Exactly.”

Troy the deputy sheriff called the funeral home.  When Tyler from the funeral home arrived, he explained there is a 48 hour wait period for cremation.  I asked, “Could you just put him on ice?”

The deputy sheriff suggested storing the body outside, and when Tyler looked confused, the deputy sheriff explained, ” Ken was a natural kind of guy.  He wouldn’t want any embalming stuff.”


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