Recipe Ideas for Braising Greens

Spring greens also include some stronger flavored greens.  In Asia and Europe cooks work to provide the bitter flavor as part of any meal.  In America we usually avoid it.  In Europe folks buy bitter tonics as a digestive and spring tonic.  In Japan every meal we were served had a sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami (savory or brothy). 


Here we currently offer chicory and turnip greens.  we have offered dandelion greens.  Each has its season.  And how do I cook – prepare them?  When people are concerned by either volume or bitterness I suggest they wilt greens.  Wilting shrinks and backs up the stronger bitter flavor.  I also tend to fry up onion or bacon (or spicy sausage) and onion and use that fat to wilt greens.


From there I consider my main dish.  If the main dish has an acidic quality like a Swiss steak cooked in a tomato sauce I would add a fat like yogurt or sour cream to the greens (think balance and contrast).  If I had a Swiss steak in a creamy mushroom cream sauce like a Stroganoff I would add an interesting vinegar – Balsamic or sherry or lemon juice to the greens.

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