Oops and Ah Hah on the Weaving Front

oops sectional warp fix  003Although I have been weaving over a series of years, weaving takes a back seat to most things – selling pottery, picking beans, making lunch, etc.  So I don’t really have much experience. 

Years ago I got a rug loom at an auction.  the bid was going just a bit higher than I was willing to spend when Ken stepped in, bid, and the other fellow quit.  It had a sectional warp – the ability to wind miles of warp and therefore reduce set up time and increase shuttle throwing time – a good thing.

I used up the warp on the loom, and then read and studied up and warped up the sectional warp beam.  I made some mistakes, but none so bad I couldn’t weave up all the warp.  The warp was wound backwards.

oops warp fix  004And yesterday I discovered I had wound the warp fewer times in one section. 

oops warp fix  012Beginner’s luck; it was near the edge.  I finished off what I could  (about mat size), and cut the two short warp sections. 

oops warp fix  033Now I am weaving the rest on the remaining narrower warp, but it still works!

I look forward to getting these rugs off the loom and trying a Scandinavian style I learned a couple years ago.  So many rags, so little time

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