Sunday Salad Supper

radish salad ready to serve 049Spring on the farm is… BUSY.  Ken left after mid day meal to go do field work in preparation for planting over the next couple days.  He had no idea when he would be in for supper.  I have been doing spring cleaning and wrapping up weaving, and then I realized he might be in any time so I made three salads for suppers.  radishes and salt 038First is a radish salad.  I scrub, slice and salt the radishes

radishes chives onion tops cilantro 047Next I chop green onion tops and cilantro and add to the salad.  then I make the dressing of sour cream, sherry vinegar, pepper and a dash of maple syrup.

green salad 050

Next is the tossed green salad with a dressing of minced salted lemons, olive oil, salt and pepper, vinegar, a dash of maple syrup and some capers.

asparagus pan grilling 034Finally  the main dish. I mince and fry up some bacon or side pork.  I set aside the pork and in the fat I grill asparagus in a hot skillet. 

asparagus pasta mayo bacon salad 052It seals in flavor and adds a toasty flavor.  I cook pasta, and while it cooks I add my home made mayonnaise and chopped onion tops or chives to the pork. 

And it is ready and waiting once Ken gets in from the field.


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