Preserving The Summer: Freezing Some Corn

Loyal and I have been learning how much food we need to grow and preserve. We eat some meals together, some apart, and some shared with friends. I offered to freeze corn and he bought some from our friends Josh and Rama at Turnip Rock Farm. Then I got out Ken’s food preservation bible – duct taped together

It has times for blanching, times for canning – so much helpful information. I last froze corn in the summer of 2017 when Ken was sick. It was the first time I had done it alone. It was good to have done this with Ken who had experience, and it was nice to do it without Ken telling me how to do it once I had learned!

First I shucked the corn and boiled it for six minutes. I didn’t want to put in so many ears the water cooled.

Then it needs to be chilled to keep it from continuing to cook

Then I cut it off the cob

The cobs are big; the yield is pretty small

Bag it up, press out the air, seal, and freeze

Done for now. It went well.

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