Progress on the Storm Damage

Remember that huge Basswood that came down in the big storm? Well, this week all the calls to adjuster, bids on job, etc came together as Mr. Smith came to Keppers Pottery

He started with the top of the tree and there is a pile of fire wood.

Then he started down to the trunk. More fire wood

He cut the trunk into lengths we can split for the wood stoves

Here is Loyal to give you some idea of the size of the diameter of the trunk

Mr Smith brought a chipper at our request. He chipped the tops so Loyal can use the chips in several ways. Loyal used our tractor, trailer and manure spreader to move the chips to the west side of the drive – out of the way, but convenient.

Getting chips, like stacking and covering fire wood, is like having money in the bank! Thank you, Mr Smith and thank you, Loyal.

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