The During

So often one sees before and after photos. Most of my life falls between those two in the “during.” Sometimes I label this progress; it’s rare that I arrive at after or done.

This was how the west part of the drive looked after Friday’s storm. A younger friend came Tuesday and helped set me up with my new smaller chainsaw. He also cut with his larger gas powered saw.

We got the Massey set up in the driveway

On the back is the winch that another friend, Josh, helped me get working on Sunday

Once Ryan had gotten some big stuff cut another friend could use for fence posts – white oak is the only marine quality wood on our property – he used the winch to pull out and line up the posts for Klaus.

We piled firewood and pulled brush and branches into the woods.

Although the job is not done, here is a photo of the current status – the during. Once we get to after I will post more photos

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