It Could Always Be Worse!

Last night a storm came through the area. I had checked the forecast and radar map, and I really thought it was going north of me. But then a siren went off and the news listed the county three miles east as a tornado warning

Rain started pouring in the French doors on the south side of the house. I decided it was time to batten down the hatches. So, once that was done, the wind started. Some trees were snapped and broken.

Others like this small apple Ken had planted a couple years ago were pulled to one side

Others lost their tops.

One of the saddest sights was this massive bass wood that was uprooted.

The uprooting also pushed the stainless sinks akimbo. But it could have been worse!

The bulk of the tree actually fell between two buildings.

The next most inconvenient and sad result of the storm was this oak coming down across the west side of the driveway loop. But it could have been worse! The rest of the drive is passable!

Other trees are down, but they are not in the drive or paths.

The electric service came back on at 4 a.m.!

And here is the bright spot. This day lily is blooming. Isn’t it lovely? I do feel fortunate. Friends have offered to help and once it stops raining we can start clean up.


  1. I love your optimism, and I wish I could help you do some clean-up. The other positive is that you, Big Red, and Oscar are okay! ?

  2. Sending love Judith, keep on keeping on!!

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