I am Accused of Killing

It had been a quiet, but good day. I had felt less of the residual neck pain and headache from the shingles. I went to the laundromat. My clarinet lesson had gone well. I had done some cleaning.

My day went fine until some time after six.  I was in a t shirt and underwear and a woman came banging on my door wanting to buy pots in spite of having seen the closed sign.  I told her I was not selling pots and please put her five dogs in the car; they were bothering my dog and I did not want them bothering my cat or poultry.  She told me her dogs would not harm Oscar. 

She persisted on wanting to shop for pottery, and I said, “Look, my husband died, and I am not selling pottery. Go to the gallery in Cumberland” Then she started questioning me about Ken’s death, and I said I did not want to talk about it. She said I should talk about it, I needed to talk about it. I said I was not talking to her about it. 

I told her I found her behavior intrusive and rude and if she refused to get the five unruly dogs in her car and leave I would call the police.  A kitten then came out of her car and I asked her to get her animals in her car and leave as she obviously could not control them if they attacked my poultry.  I got Oscar inside, turned around and shut the door. 

Later I heard her banging on the door and yelling it was all my fault.  After she finally left and I went to open the front door to let in some air, there was a dead kitten on my threshold.  She had driven her car over it.  I buried the kitten and scrubbed the blood and feces off the threshold and steps. 

I guess I have to shut the gate now that it is summer… Why do I have to lock myself in?

If you plan on visiting me, please call and ask if I am up for a visit. Thanks


  1. Ahhh my dear friend, there are unstable people everywhere, a closed gate won’t lock you in, just keep the aimless ones at bay. Take it as a sign to protect yourself, like locking your to door when you go to bed. And a silent prayer of thanks to that random unstable woman for the reminder that you have to take caution now that you’re on your own. Not to be afraid or mistrustful, but to be prudent. Love you

  2. Keppers Pottery

    Thank you for putting it in perspective, Michelle. It left me rather shaky. I have woken this morning to my usual self. Most people are kind. And stable

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