Unexpected Diagnosis

Wednesday morning I awoke to find red spots up the right side of my neck, on my right ear and up the back of my scalp. First fear was fleas, and pets were subjected to unspeakable indignities in their opinion. No fleas. Spider? Thursday no change, but by Friday no improvement. With an upcoming long weekend, I wanted to avoid a trip to the ER if it worsened.

Got into the clinic late on Friday, and after many questions, spiders and hives were ruled out. Because the spots were only on one side of my body, they are shingles. Shingles is one of the herpes viruses like chicken pox and cold sores. I was told to avoid possibly pregnant people, small children and people of frail health. I should just stay home

I got a prescription for an anti-viral (some of the largest pills I ever saw) and have a follow up appointment on Friday. I feel quite fortunate as by all accounts this is mild. I just feel prickly and have a slight fever and ghastly headache. Will miss swimming next week! So the red welts I thought were a right leaning spider turned out to be a residual virus dormant in my nerves from a bout with chicken pox when I was five. Interesting

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