Sub Zero Alone

This week the temperatures have dropped. And I find rather than my usual confident, calm self, I have felt less capable, vulnerable, even at times helpless. I am in transition from a working two person system to creating a single life

With cold weather coming I thought about bringing wood in alone. With a bum knee, I am slow and the door is open far too long each trip. So I got out the bulb crates we used to store onions, squash, and dry produce. I filled, pulled by sled to back door, and then simply loaded them in the door. Much less heat loss. Here is downstairs and the bigger wood stove

The distance from wood pile to front door is shorter, so I walked them up to the steps. Then yesterday morning I filled wood racks and refilled bulb crates. I will do the same today while it is above zero. So I am ready for upcoming cold as far as heat.

Other things are next: I hesitate to drive as I no longer have a spouse with a tractor with chains available to pull me out of mishap. This is how things used to look! I plan to call insurance and see if I can add a rider for towing and compare that to AAA membership

Last night when I went to take a bath the pipes above the tub were frozen. They share a cardboard “wall” with the entry. With the entry open to bring in wood the temperature had dropped.

So I lit the stove and set up fans: a small one high and a box fan low. After a while the water flowed and I took a bath.

So now I have the faucets on drip and am running the stove more often for a longer time. And my sister in law suggested heat tape – so much to learn and figure out!

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