An Advantage of Being an Old, Fat Broad with Grey Hair

Since Ken’s death I have been approached indirectly by a couple of what I call “Butt Sniffers” (because their behavior reminds me of a dog). These are men who seem to think I need a man. From my perspective they look like hapless fellows who would like to live in my house, have me cook, clean, and do laundry for them. In exchange for? I hate to think!

Yesterday after swimming I was chatting with the lifeguard, and a man about my age twice divorced came up all friendly. I confess my hackles did go up, and then I had a marvelous realization. In his mind I was not thin, young, blond, or docile enough to be of interest. Whew. Dodged that one!


  1. Roxy Wattenberg (Bearpaw)

    Omg you are so funny!!! & wise! This would make for a good t-shirt “Unless you’re a dog no butt sniffes allowed” hehehe.

    • Thank you. Friends are nudging me to do stand up after all the crazy things people have said and done since Ken died

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