Reaching One Goal!

Since Ken’s death I have returned to swimming.  Swimming goes waaaaayyy back.  My parents tell stories from my childhood.  They had two children and one, the elder,  would see ocean waves and run from them;  I would see ocean waves and run into them.  I loved lessons, swam laps, became a lifeguard, swim instructor, and Instructor for the Handicapped (now called adaptive swim instructor) during my summers between years of college and part time after college.  Once I had a job in downtown St Paul most mornings before work or during my lunch hour I swam laps.

When I moved to Turtle Lake my life was filled with activity and getting in a vehicle and driving to exercise seemed foolish.  But once Ken became ill, I knew swimming would get me through the stress.  Some people run, but I swim.  With a bad knee it is the perfect aerobic non weight bearing exercise.

Today I reached a milestone – well, actually the two mile mark.  In three trips to the pool this week I swam over two miles.  This helps with stress, aerobic exercise, and my reaching clarity on hunger vs. anxiety eating.  I am happy and proud with this accomplishment!

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