Progress on the Wood Front

Today I got the two trailers mostly unloaded.  What remains is wood that will NOT fit in the cook stove, but WILL fit in the larger wood stove.  I need to bring it to another wood pile on the other side of the house to another pile.  I waited until I was done so that it would just be one trip.


Here are the two trailers






And that third rick was a killer.  I have sciatica and moving things to and from floor or ground is the toughest.  The other two ricks had a few feet stacked so today was a challenge.  Feels good. 



Most of the short wood fit between the last and current rick.

Now it’s time to learn chainsaw skills so I can keep bucking up wood.  Friends have offered to help split wood for either the wood stove or cook stove.  I am moving forward like the tortoise!

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