Needed: Help on Wood; Got a Chainsaw Handy?

When my husband Ken died last December, many people asked how they could help.  I was in shock and doing things like attorney, banks, taxes.  I honestly can’t remember who offered to help with what.  Now I need help. With wood – the jobs Ken did, and I don’t know how to do (see below).  I have three piles of split wood about 40 inches that needs to be cut to 16″ for the cook stove.  I have never run a chainsaw.  I would like to learn.  I learn best when I am not under pressure.  So first I need someone to bail me out and then someone to teach me

I need help NOW in the following ways:

Cutting the 40″ to 26″ length.  I can load a trailer.  This is one pile




Here is the other








Moving the loaded trailer where it needs to be stacked with a tractor


and Getting the splitter running




Here is the equipment I have:

two Jonesrud chainsaws Ken used last fall




two Massey Ferguson tractors from the 1950’s that came back from the shop this spring





two  trailers (now empty)






a splitter that was repaired a year and a half ago, but Ken could not get it started last fall

Can you help with the following?

Do you have a working chainsaw? 

Know how to run one of mine once they are back from the shop getting a tune up? Can you teach me how to run a chainsaw?

Run a tractor with trailer and able to back up with a trailer? 

Stack wood so it doesn’t fall over?

Get the splitter running or know who I can get to fix it?  If not, could you refer me to someone who can help?  If you need to be paid, please tell me what you charge. Thank you.


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