Another Ending

Today another chapter ended.  The retail produce cooler is ready for a new home.  This hinged on reducing the poultry population to a manageable size – and reducing egg production.  I have stopped selling pots and produce – except eggs – since May.  Time to clear it out!





So, where do I put the surplus eggs?  Thanks to Charlie and Karen we have a little “beer fridge” in the basement.  I cleaned that out






Then I cleaned the refrigerator in the kitchen.  Sour dough starters seem to have a lot of prime space…








Next empty the cooler and unplug.  I didn’t expect to cry, but I did.  There were still a few jars of kimchi that Ken made.  and this is the end of my selling and being public for now.







So now, it is empty, cleaned and drying.  And only after I unplugged it did I realize how loud it was.  This place is so much quieter now.

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