Our First Dinner

I met Ken dancing.  He was staying in the Twin Cities to do a pottery show.  I asked if he wanted to meet for dinner.  He said yes, when he came in for the second load of shelves and unsold pottery after the show.  I called him in Turtle Lake to arrange that.  This impressed Ken.  In those days each long distance call cost money, and no one had called him in Turtle Lake; he always had to make the calls.  I was used to long distance calls as my family and friends are spread all over the country.

After meeting at a restaurant, sitting and ordering, Ken announced, ” I have forty acres.  I have a wood kiln.  I have draft horses.  I have a garden.  And I am not moving.” I later learned this came from dating women who expected Ken to relocate to a suburb, create a cute hobby farm and stay at home while they commuted to a job in the Twin Cities.  At the time I paused, looked at Ken, and replied, ” I have a house I like in St Paul, but I recently broke up with a man from Vancouver.  Turtle Lake is not that far.  Now let’s enjoy dinner.”


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