Onions Make You Wait; They are Worth It.

The first seeds Ken planted each season were the onions.  Since I had bought seeds, I decided to try planting them in Ken’s germination cabinet.  These are the first seeds I have planted since the bean seed in the cup in kindergarten.  Although I called a friend for tips, I had low expectations.   So much could go wrong.  Was the soil too wet, too dry, did I put enough soil covering the seeds, too much soil covering the seeds, and on and on…


I remember onion seeds take a while to germinate.  Today I can state with confidence that many have come up!  This moderate success is pretty exciting. 





Onion seedlings have a magic quality.  They come up folded, and then they open up like a Radio City Rockettes kick line.  Each year it is so fun to watch – like magic.

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