Tomatoes – One of those Love Hate Relationships

Although I love tomatoes, there is one part of me that dreads tomato season.   I find selling tomatoes challenging.  We grow tomatoes for flavor, texture, and thin skins.  They are wonderful.




Many people want a perfect looking tomato that is perfectly ripe.  One can determine ripeness by rolling a tomato in one’s hand and feeling its firmness or ripeness.  Many people pinch tomatoes and a couple days later bruises appear – these won’t sell.



Consider a tomato that has great flavor rather than perfect appearance.  Consider buying a few tomatoes of varying ripeness and eating them as they ripen.  Try a new color or variety and see if you like the flavor.  Tomato flavor varies as much as apple varieties. 


Tomatoes should NOT be stored in the refrigerator; cold temperatures change the flavor and texture.

Be brave and enjoy the taste of fresh, local, heritage tomatoes!

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