Recipe Ideas Bok Choy

Bok choy, a member of the cabbage family is available just before cabbage forms heads.  It is the original ingredient in chop suey.  I often use it in a stir fry as either  or a side dish or with meat and rice.

Today’s midday meal was a side salad, a bok choy stir fry, reheated white rice, and a pork stir fry.  I set up some small dishes and start chopping.  First onion



Then carrots





And I separate the stem from the greens on the bok choy 





I chop the stems






And chop the greens – I roll











and slice the slices in half






I heat up a pan and add oil that take s heat, add the onions and carrots as they require more cooking time




Then add the bok choy stems






and the greens





I add a bit of sweet cooking wine, like a mirin ( rice wine) or sherry, then some tamari or soy sauce, and some organic corn starchand water ( we avoid GMO by using organic)




I chop some parsley and herbs






Here is Ken’s plate of rice with parsley, bok choy and pork steak with some bell pepper I froze last summer




And here is my smaller palate.

Bon Apetit!!!

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