Ken in the Kitchen

kens-cranberry-swirl-cheesecake-026Sometime after Thanksgiving Ken spends some time in the kitchen.  He likes to make some seasonal and not so seasonal treats.  When I was organizing the freezers before I picked up the pork, I found some frozen cranberries.  We also had some cream cheese so Ken made a cranberry swirl cheesecake.  Did I mention he made the graham crackers for the crust?


kens-cookies-017Once the lard was rendered and we had cracklings (bits of fat that don’t melt and are crispy), Ken decided to make on his favorite old recipes (turn of the last century) with the cracklings as some of the shortening.  It calls for 13 cups of flour so there are LOTS of crispy cookies on hand if someone stops in to visit.  They have an interesting combination of chocolate, a bit of anise, cloves and allspice.

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