Harvest Newsletter

a-snow-036Greetings from the Garden!  This week’s CSA box  has winter tomatoes, potatoes, onions, garlic, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots or beets, cabbage, and salad mix

Field Notes.  Snow and cold.  It feels like winter has arrived in earnest.  And we are so glad to see the snow.  It insulates the ground so the frost doesn’t go down so deep so quickly and preserves the microbial life near the top – otherwise the microbes die or go deep to avoid the cold.

kens-cookies-017Ken has been cleaning seeds, starting micro greens, organizing the seeds so my order will go quickly and smoothly.  Thank you , Ken.  He also has been spending some time in the kitchen. Ken rendered lard, got the bones on for stock.  Once the lard was rendered he used the cracklings in an old fashioned cookie recipe that uses 13 cups of grain and very little sweetener.  They are crisp and delicious

I got the forms on the vegetable trials done and sent, I have also been organizing freezer space.  That led to making jam and starting some fruit wines.


a-burdock-stock-004From the Kitchen.  The cook stove has been our good friend since the cold arrived.  I am perfecting sourdough pancakes cooked on a griddle on the cook stove.  Ken made a batch of kinpira with burdock and carrots for a potluck.  He took all the odd shapes with some cabbage, onion and kombu for a wonderful stock – broth.


a-roasted-veg-001I have been stewing and baking and roasting.  Roasted vegetables are great and easy.  Clean and chop. toss in oil with herbs.  Bake at high heat with frequent tossing and checking.  Roasted is good; charred isn’t!



a-more-snow-oscar-sign-027Best Wishes for the Holiday Season – and We look forward to providing produce for you in 2017

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