Harvest Newsletter

mobile-fall-greens-best-030Greetings for the Garden!  This week’s CSA box has salad and braising greens, potatoes, squash, sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots or beets, celery, winter tomatoes, and herbs

Field Notes.  What a season!  We have had such a beautiful fall.  Ken has finished digging potatoes and is wrapping up field work.  The forecast is for cold weather later this week, so we will be getting the squash and onions to inside storage, hoopettes up over some crops, and fiber over crops in the green house.  Ken still has a few roots to dig, and I will bury them in sand in the root cellar.  This is much later than most years.

last-days-pigs-018The pigs left for the meat locker on Election Day.  We always feel several emotions: we will miss their antics, we won’t miss the ever increasing amount of feed they require, and finally we feel deep gratitude for all they did for the farm and all they provide.  Farm animals are part of the team and play an integral part here.  Thank you. pigs for the tilling and now the nutritious meat.

canning-pork-stock-037From the Kitchen.  Ken has been baking and making soup in the dark early mornings and evenings.  He takes culled vegetables and makes soup or bakes sweet potato or squash pie.  We have had meals of pork picked from the jaw bones.  Ken made soup stock from the bones and I ran it through the pressure canner.  This week we cull the chicken flock.  Then we are ready for winter – almost!

kens-pumpkin-pie-016Happy Thanksgiving.  We are deeply grateful for all we have and share.  Thank you for sharing the bounty of our farm and supporting our endeavor

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