Canning Stock

canning-pork-stock-032Once the pigs go to the locker, Ken and I make soup stock from the heads and feet.  I scrub the feet, and Ken starts the stock pot outside.  Once the meat is tender I pull it from the bones and return the bones and cartilage to the pot.  Then once the stock is done, Ken strains it and sets it outside so the fat rises.  The next morning I skim the fat and set the kettles of stock to heat.

canning-pork-stock-037I get out the pressure canner and jars, lids, and rings.





canning-pork-stock-039Once the stock is hot, I fill the jars and set them in the pressure canner







canning-pork-stock-040Next the canner needs to come up to pressure and steam has to escape to ensure the vent is clear.  Once the weight is on, I set the timer.  Once the timer goes off, I pull the canner and once the pressure drops, I can open the lid and pull the jars, and I repeat the process. 




canning-pork-stock-043Here are the sealed jars; they are labeled and ready for the root cellar

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