Voles – Damage and Traps

a-vole-damage-001Growing in a greenhouse often presents unexpected problems. One  is the vole; they are often called meadow mice.  They like to eat plants.  Once they move into a greenhouse the living is easy – shelter, warmer location and a ready food source – the greenhouse crops!  One year Ken lost most of a fall planting of spinach. Voles don’t take the usual mouse bait of cheese or peanut butter, so trapping them presents a real challenge; they are content living in the greenhouse and eating your crops.

a-vole-trap-001 a-vole-trap-003We located a plan for a trap from Eliot Coleman, an organic grower in Maine who has written several extended season books.  Last year I trialed a trap in a cardboard box before Ken went to the work of constructing it in wood.  It did work, so Monday he made and installed a trap. 



I hope we catch all the ones that Big Red the cat misses! 

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