More Recipes: Sofrito and Beet Pepper Soup


Sofrito in jars ready to freeze

This season we have a great crop of beautiful ripe peppers.  I chopped and froze (no blanching) some for future use.  At Ken’s request I made some ripe pepper jam, and today I made sofrito.  Sofrito is a combination of vegetables that are cooked slowly with fat or oil to reduce moisture and preserve color and flavor.  What started as two cast iron skillets of onions, peppers and some garlic became four small freezer jam jars.  I plan to use them when I make pot roast on the wood cook stove in winter.


This was at the simmer stage before the puree step. Great aroma

I also tried a beet ripe pepper soup I found on the internet from Martha Stewart.  One sautes chopped sweet onion, adds equal parts chopped peppers and and peeled beets with some chopped garlic.  Simmer in chicken stock ’til tender and either run through food processor or blender.  Add some lemon juice, salt and pepper.  Ken says it is intensely pepper flavored and suggests I double the beets next time

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