A Break from the Produce

first rug second rug warp trial 002A few days ago Ken needed a break.  He started a building project; he is taking a very old cart and converting it to a portable chicken coop.  I also needed a break from produce work; I love tomatoes and peppers, but I have sorted many this season… So, I headed upstairs to a loom that has about enough warp for one more rug.  I was experimenting with two different warps to figure out how I want to set up a long, multi rug warp for next winter.  I also wove my first wool rags – old blankets.

end first rug 004The first rug was mostly from a blue blanket with some grey and beige pink border stripes. 





Next Rug ideas 001Now I am deciding what to combine with an old army green color.  Here are some strips I think will work.  Once this rug is off the loom I will plan the warps for both the main floor and upstairs looms.  I want to set one up for some Scandinavian style rugs and the other will probably be a combination of either high contrast or deep, saturated colored warp like I have done in the past


planning second rug 006So, that is what we do for a break – Stay tuned for coop and rug progress!

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