Moving Day

a pigs 010Well actually two.  Thursday after midday meal Ken was ready to move the pigs, so we did!  They had dug up their area and gladly moved to the next. 



a pigs 009


Ken chose a woodsy location so they can stay cool in the summer heat.


buddha and the geese  037


The geese range through the former pig area – they are gleaning any stray grain along with the wild birds


chickens egg mobile hens  013

The next morning before letting the chickens out, Ken moved the egg mobile and I helped move the poultry netting.  The chickens, too were ready for new space and also have shade.



a tweens  032


Ken has liked how this portable coop has worked out and is thinking of building a smaller version for the younger birds – the ones I call tweens – that aren’t quite old enough to enter the main flock.



north coop 036

For now they are in the north coop


hen renegade mom 026




Also in that area is a renegade mom and her chicks.  she left the flock and hatched out by the coop.



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