The Perennial Flower Project – How to Get Help from your Animals

a siberian iris and buddhas 135When I met Ken over two decades ago, friends told me it was obviously serious – I was moving my perennial flowers to Turtle Lake.  Ken tilled an area, and I planted.  It was not the same as my established beds in the city.  I battled poison ivy, weeds creeping from under a rock pile, etc.  Ken moved the rocks, and really helped over the years.  But first an old knee injury and then sciatica meant I only got to the necessary jobs like picking of peas, beans, berries.


buddha and the chickens 107  Ken had a plan.  He moved the portable chicken coop on the north side.  The chickens ate most of the grass and weeds. 


a perennial  move 002Then Ken pulled the flowers and I rinsed and pulled weeds from the roots.  Ken replanted across the drive.  Then he moved the chickens south.



digging piglet 032Next we moved the pigs into the north section.  They have been happily tilling it up for us.

Soon Ken will move the chickens, we will move the rest of the flowers, then move the pigs into the south section , and finally Ken will plant green manures.

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