Big Pig Rodeo – Sequential Grazing

digging pigs 039 Pigs here are sequentially grazed.  Once they dig up one space they are either moved to a new space or their area is expanded to include new space.  Ken plans each season so that pigs get new space and are not back in an area for at least three years. 

a piglet 016This year the piglets started east of the garden.  About a week ago it was time for what I call the big pig rodeo – moving the pigs.  Sometimes it goes smoothly and this was one of those times.  We moved them closer to the house.  They are part of a renovation project for a weedy perennial flower area. 

piglet checking me out 036We buy as many pigs as we have ordered – people order a half or whole.  The meat locker cuts each half to the owner’s specifications.  This year we have an extra half available; we have deposits on three and a half, but of course pigs only come as wholes!  For more information, contact us

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