Thumb Update

About a month ago I did a superman move into the house when I slid on a slippery wooden step. I had a bruise and was a bit stiff. But then my thumb started hurting, and playing the clarinet really reminded me it hurt. So I went to the clinic. An x-ray showed no broken bones and I was given this splint for a week.

After dutifully wearing the splint morning and night for over a week (Christmas happened in there somewhere), I called the clinic. They set the ball rolling for me to see an orthopedic specialist

After seven phone calls during three hours I got set up to see someone that insurance would cover (our health care system is broken, Folks). Today I saw the orthopedic specialist. I have a trigger thumb. First we try a cortisone shot. If that doesn’t work, surgery. I hope the cortisone works!

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  1. Well, the thumbs and one pinky are the only digits I have not had the trigger issue with! 3 surgeries later and I have had no further issues. I hope you have success with the shot. It didn’t help me at all….

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