Return of the Necks

The winter after Ken died two of my favorite yarn shops were selling out; one was closing and the other was focusing on weaving supplies. I returned to an old easy thing – “necks.” In the cold winter it’s nice to have a scarf that doesn’t have flapping ends.

They were thick and soft Merino yarn. I made some and then was asked to make some shorter for friends whose glasses had steamed up. Here is the original longer “bus stop” version I had made in my law firm days before Ken

Since the yarn was all on sale it was odds and ends. Everyone’s neck was different

Kids wanted them, too, and their parents’ necks were too big!. So then there were smaller, kid sized

The last two were scrap or rainbow necks

Recently more people have expressed interest! One was a baby when last I made them, and now as a boy would use one; another can go to a friend who admired mine, etc. So last night I took more on sale Merino yarn skeins and used a swift and winder to convert skeins to balls. Here’s the swift

And here is the ball winder

Here’s how they work together

Voila! Let the knitting begin!

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