Making Masks as We are in it for the Long Haul

Covid has come close to home. First Loyal’s partner had a housemate test positive. Then two younger friends were quarantined as a school fellow tested positive. So Loyal and I had a frank discussion.

When he enters my personal space after being with other people he and I wear masks. Since I asked him to wear a mask it seemed right for me to make masks. I used up some cotton quilt fabric I had from making a single quilt square for a group quilt. There was a brown, a green, a brown and yellow. Then I ran out of elastic.

Mine seemed small for him, but the first three were a bit big, so I pulled out some seams, tightened elastic, and rolled the top and bottom edge to make a channel for a metal nose piece. Once I had something that worked I decided to make more

I called my favorite fabric store, Treadle Yard Goods and ordered elastic, flannel and “some fun fabric.” Here is what they sent: squirrels!

And I had some tight cotton pillow ticking I had used previously for two masks

I had enough elastic and fabric to make a fourth mask for Loyal, some guest masks for people who come to help and may not remember to bring masks, and some more for me

I went into production – cut enough for eight – fabric, elastic, and pinned a heap.

I borrowed the green mask for the final measurements, and Loyal ended up with one more of the quilt print, and three guest masks.

I got one of each pillow ticking fabric and two guest masks

So if you come to help us, don’t be shocked if we ask you to put on a squirrely mask! Thanks, Treadle Yard Goods.

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