Reading on Racism

This book resonates with both my dance and zen experiences. We need to observe both the thoughts and physical reactions in life situations. The author writes of healing our bodies from extensive, multi- generational trauma. He quotes recent studies that demonstrate how we carry and react in different ways to trauma.

As a healer he wants to work for both physical and spiritual healing rather than only the cognitive work. As someone who has worked through family dysfunction and trauma, I agree. I highly recommend this book

Last week I read this, the available copy of the young adult version of Stamped. I found it less helpful. I knew most of the history and felt it missed the context of time and balance. I do not want a figure like Jefferson to be sainted nor demonized. Until the current occupant I believed each president did both good and bad things; Richard Nixon, a crook, started the EPA and opened diplomacy with China for example. This book provided less help in how we can move forward. Together.

My advice: keep reading and talking to people. Work to heal and come together

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