‘Tis the season! Nettles are popping up – fresh, green and nutritious!

Yup. Stinging nettles. But after you pick them carefully, dump in a bowl of water and rinse, the sting recedes and disappears.

First I made nettle soup.

I sauteed onion, added to some cooked carrots and potatoes in soup stock. Herbs like thyme are nice, too

Next I added the nettles to wilt and ran the soup through a blender.

Just before serving I add some dairy – yogurt, cream – whatever I have

I also add nettles to my buckwheat, onion and eggs for breakfast.

No photo but they are also great braised like many other greens. Saute onion, add greens to wilt and some herbs, stock, butter – any way you like it!

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