Progress on the Pin Loom Project

Remember the necks I knit last winter? Well, I knit quite a few. And I had some yarn left over.

I bought a pin loom, a tiny wooden square with nails along each side.

And I wove squares from the bits an pieces left from the necks

Then I came up with a plan for a lap blanket. I used some other left overs – grey and brown for in between the colored squares

It was a great spring and summer project; although I was working with wool, I was working in small squares

During this cool, rainy weather I laid out my squares and started to decide on the lay out before I join the squares. And I realized with six more of the border colors of grey and brown, I could make another row and use up all the brightly colored squares.

Now the heat has returned and I will keep moving the squares to decide the best arrangement. Once it cools down I will join the squares. It is a good re entry to weaving for me. After Ken’s death I kept crying each time I sat at the loom; I couldn’t hear him making pottery! I hope I can weave on the floor loom again soon

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