#Me Too – an Update

Reading the accusations against Placido Domingo last night was sad. As a victim of harassment and date rape, my bias is to believe the accuser. Courageous victims who speak out have so little to gain and so much to lose. Most victims say they come forward so it stops and another person is not harassed.

Reading their stories brought up that familiar pattern: a person in power offers “help” and the help isn’t; in reality it is being grabbed or kissed or raped. And like the other perpetrators, Mr Domingo seems puzzled. He was unaware that these interactions were not “consensual.” He regrets any harm he may have caused.

Perps get a naive, trusting person alone where there are no witnesses. The victim blames herself (or himself). I did. Why has it been OK all these years for a person of power to see what he can “get away with?” The occupant of the White House has been recorded boasting about such behavior; he seems to think if one has money one can do as he wishes to whomever he wishes.

When do we respect each other and live our lives as kind and compassionate people?

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