Cooking in Season for One Person

I have been eating great greens from the farmers market. As the week ends, I look at what remains. When I get over enthusiastic about greens, I wilt them so I can finish them up. Here are some beet greens and a couple green onions


Here is a bit of sausage and the onions

Add greens and wilt ; they will turn bright green and shrink – just a minute or two

Add a bit of cheese, turn off heat and cover

While the cheese melts heat a tortilla and spread with some yogurt or sour cream or soft cheese and add something like chili powder or smoked paprika.


Rolled up and ready to go!


  1. Great ideas… thank you!

  2. This really helps me!!!! Thank you.

  3. Keppers Pottery

    The greens look so good at market that I need to look at how to eat them each week in as many interesting ways as possible. I really don’t want a huge salad more than once a day! Glad it was helpful!

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