With Help and Gratitude

Ken and I heated with wood.  Ken felled trees, and I would place them on end, Ken would split them, I would put them in the trailer and Ken would drive it into the yard where I would stack the wood.  Later we got a splitter that could split 40″ wood for side stoking the pottery kiln.


Now that Ken is gone I have to face that I never ran a chainsaw, rarely ran a tractor, and only have stoves that take wood.  Our back up in floor heat failed last winter.  So I have thought about what I can do quickly for this winter as this old dog learns necessary new tricks.  One solution if to buck up some long 40″ wood that has been split small enough to fit into the cook stove once cut to lengths 16″ or less. 


Last week a friend called; he would be in the area with time between appointments. I offered him breakfast; he said he would bring his chainsaw.  He bucked up enough for two trailers.  I loaded the first and then excused myself to make lunch.  When he left after lunch I had two trailers of wood.


Yesterday was a fine cloudy, cool day to stack.  Stack I did and got two ricks and an end rick stacked from the first trailer.  All that remains on that trailer is the pieces too long for cook stove I will use in the larger wood stove.  The short I will stack separately.


Tomorrow I stack the second trailer.  Then I will assess how much more needs to be buzzed and stacked before winter.  And I will learn chainsaw and other skills.

And of course Oscar is supervising me.

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