An Addition – When Most Things are Going

Most of my time now is spent cleaning, sorting, and divesting.  But last week I added.  My ten hens did not have a rooster.  I had given the one I had him to Otto so he could have fertile eggs if he got a broody hen.  I like having a rooster to protect the flock – and  also to have fertile eggs if I want to let a hen hatch.  A friend Erin was happy to pass on one from her flock.  So I took one of our cages over in the van.

Once home I transferred him to the garden cart – under Oscar’s watchful eye.





Then he was in his cage inside the coop for a couple days so he could safely get acquainted…





…with turkeys and hens.

Now he has been liberated and is doing just fine.  But no crowing yet!

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