Learning By Trial and Error

I cannot do what two people used to do.  Although that may be obvious, the fact  becomes clear once again.  Last fall Ken planted garlic.   I had problems with timing of moving the greenhouse.  The garlic got tall and weeds took over.  I could not find the irrigation pump or the hoses so irrigating became problematic once the snow melted.


Today I checked.   This year’s crop is small, but the flavor strong.


Here is one of the last shrunken cloves from last year to compare with this year’s head.



It is tough to see things unkempt, and falling behind.  And it is difficult not to be hard on myself.


  1. It is the reality. Unless you find a way to replace Ken’s part of the teamwork then you canfault yourself for falling behind. It’s inevitable. Charlie

    • Keppers Pottery

      So true. There are so many unfinished projects or things that need to be done that Ken did. And so I keep learning this lesson over and over…

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