Stan and the Crock

Ken was a real do-it-yourself guy.  But even he knew his limitations.  Back in the day people built their own houses rather than having them built.  And they got knowledgeable friends to help with their weaker areas of skill.  Ken was excellent at concrete, wood, sheet rock, etc.  Electrical and plumbing, well he felt less confident.  So he asked Stan to check all his work.


Stan came and checked.  Ken asked what he could do for Stan.  Stan’s requests were simple.  He wanted slips from Ken’s apples to graft onto his large apple tree in town, and he wanted a crock for sauerkraut.   So Stan cut his slips.






And Ken made some crocks so Stan could choose the one he liked.  Ken told Stan how he fired his kiln with wood and how this firing he was using a lot of birch to fire the kiln.  Once the kiln was opened Stan came by and chose a crock.  Later when Ken saw Stan up town Ken asked did the crock work out, and Stan replied his kraut seemed a bit smoky and had a bit of birch beer flavor!

Stan offered to help Ken more for another crock as Stan’s wife Jean had decided it really belonged by the fireplace with kindling in it.  So as Ken did more work, he asked Stan over to check it, and eventually gave Stan another crock! 

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