Taking on Tasks Ken Did – Starting Seeds

Ken and I formed a team.  People are often surprised at areas where our skills did not overlap.  Ken loved planting seeds.  And he had his set up on the lower level adjacent to the pottery studio.  A few years ago he built a germination cabinet.



Ken started each season with the onion seeds.  On a trip to the root cellar I could walk by and see him planting.  Sometimes we’d discuss what we would have for lunch and what time would be good for him to break up the day.  His huge, strong hands could easily handle the smallest and roundest seeds.  It was a wonder to watch as we talked



With Ken’s death, I tried to plant.  And I sat with tears streaming down my face wondering if the soil was too dry or wet, if I was planting too shallow or deep, and what temperature was optimum.  I planted the onions, and they came up. 




And then I called Ken’s sister Anna, who also loves planting seeds. She came out to help.  It went much better with her.  There were some tears, but also laughter and fond memories to share. 





The greens are coming up and the first of the tomatoes.  I am still waiting for the peppers and curcurbits – squash and cucumbers and melons.  Thank you, Anna

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