A Gift from Ken

 I was a member of the zen center in the Twin Cities when I met Ken.  I knew of no zen centers near Turtle Lake, but I came with my Buddha,  incense, and gong; I put them on an old trunk my parents had given me when I went to college.  Ken decided he could do better than a trunk.



He took a slab and cut three holes.  He inserted and pegged the legs.  It is beautiful. 

While we were in Japan, people upon discovering I was a buddhist, gave me items for the altar.




And while I sat in an exhibition on Buddha at the Art Institute, Ken picked up a poster of what was chanted. 






At one point Ken reorganized the top floor so he had a permanent area set aside for yoga.  He moved the altar close to that area, and lit incense before he started yoga.  It helped him stretch, relax, digest food better, and so much more.  I think of Ken each time I go by that altar and pray  for him.  He was a spiritual person.

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